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Wholebody Focusing
Combining the Alexander Technique and Focusing

Using the power of awareness to awaken the inner wisdom of your living body

WBF combines Focusing with Alexander Technique, it was originally developed by Kevin McEvenue and is now taught all over the world. Click on the following link if you want to download/read an excellent and detailed WBF Introduction Manual. This will give you an overview of the WBF story. Alex Maunder has been an Alexander Technique Teacher and a Focuser for over 25 years. He met Kevin McEvenue 12 years ago and has been working closely with him ever since.

The A.T. gives you a sense of interconnected energy flow within the whole body and a solid, supported, grounded presence. This gives the safe container within which the process of transformation can take place. Feeling safe and grounded is essential for releasing stress and trauma. Focusing gives you the insight into the emotional and psychological significance of your present physical tension patterns and blockages. So it helps to clarify a meaning, it gives an understanding, a context to the intensity of the pain and the emotions that might otherwise just suck you in.

By having the safety of the container it is possible to stay with these uncomfortable feelings in conscious awareness and then from this position of being the detached observer you can create space for your inner Body Wisdom to work, to release the tension and to bring you back to a place of balance and calmness again, a new understanding emerges that is also a new vision of your forward moving Life Direction.

I Just want to say a big THANK YOU for the work we've done in the last two weeks. It's brain-changing (and therefore LIFE CHANGING). As a direct result of last week's session, I'm working more creatively and producing some of my best work ever. As a direct result of this week's session, my time and energy is not consumed with anger about my pain and I have more control than I thought about what I think about.I can't believe we can achieve all this by Skype!
Cathy Howells, Words-Work, Copywriter.

Alex Maunder, Alexander Technique Teacher for 24 years & Certified Wholebody Focusing Trainer. Psychotherapist, Author of Let Your Life Flow (C W Daniels, 2001) Alex offers: Individual WBF Sessions, in person and online via Skype. Workshops in Wholebody Focusing and Training up to certification level.

Wholebody Focusing Skype Sessions
Living in the Flow

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Wholebody Focusing
Living in the Flow

Week-end Workshop in Kilburn, London

There are a whole series of regular Week-end Workshops taking place at the Rose Window Hermitage, in Kilburn, London. Wholebody Focusing- Living in the Flow.
20th-21st Sept(Intro), 15th-16th Nov 2014(Advanced Group). For more detailed information click below, or on the Workshop button.

FINDHORN FOUNDATION Sat 16th - 22nd August 2014, 7 DAy Residential Workshop on WBF hosted by the legendary Findhorn community in Scotland on Wholebody Focusing. Experience the magic of life in Findhorn, meditation, chanting, sacred dance; and learn an indispensable life skill at the same time. Prices: 770 for a full residential week at Findhorn, concessions available.

These workshops will help you to use the power of awareness to awaken the wisdom of the living body. Beneath our conditioned and stressful patterns of thinking, moving and feeling lies an inner source of intelligence and energy that not only knows how we are locked into stress and traumas but also how to move our life situations forward. For more details about this and other week-end workshops, please click on the Workshop button.