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Wholebody Focusing
Combining the Alexander Technique and Focusing

Experience the Freedom and the Support that comes from Wholebodyfocusing

Wholebody focusing is based on a combination 2 amazing techniques, the Alexander Technique and Focusing. The A.T. gives you a sense of interconnected energy flow within the whole body and a solid, supported, grounded presence. This gives the safe container to hold everything in.

Focusing gives you the insight into the emotional and psychological significance of your present physical tension patterns and blockages. So it gives the meaning, it gives an understanding, a context to the intensity of physical pain or blockage and the emotions that might otherwise just suck you in.

By having the safety of the container it is possible to stay with these uncomfortable feelings in conscious awareness and then from this position of being the detached observer by giving up all desire to fix it or fight it or run away from it.

You can create space for your inner Body Wisdom to work, to release physical tension patterns and to shift into a higher conscious perspective, a new understanding that is also a new vision of your forward moving Life Direction.

You can experience the effectiveness of WBF online over Skype with: Alex Maunder, Alexander Teacher for 23 years & Certified Focusing Trainer

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Advanced WBF Course
November 15 till 16th 2014, at The Hermitage, Kilburn

Wholebody Focusing is a crucial skill at this time of accelerated planetary evolution. We are facing the beakdown of old structures that no longer work and the development of individual, authentic responses that can lead us forwards in a new way. With the aid of my own inner body wisdom, spontaneous inner bodily shifts and releases can take place that can release the blocked energy and lead my whole system forward into a new way of being and acting.

This is a skill that can be learned both on an individual and collective level that will help us to navigate a way forward into the new landscape, the new possibilities that are opening up in front of us. That skill is Wholebody Focusing, which teaches us how to release the blockages due to fear based in our past history, and then how to release this freed-up energy as a forward moving energy in our lives.

Whole-body-focusing will give us the inner space to allow this alchemy of self-transformation to take place within the safe container of the body. It gives me the capacity to listen to myself and to make better decisions. The consciousness shifts to a higher perspective so that ego is able to relinquish the desire to control and simply observes the situation from a more inclusive and compassionate place. This gives us the skill of Empathic listening. AS I make more room within myself for me, paradoxically I also make more room for you to be there.

Facing the Unknown, At The Hermitage, Kilburn

Cost: 90